Stop The Bullying!!

One in three teenagers aged 12-18 has experienced bullying (欺凌)in the past six months in Hong Kong, according to a recent survey by

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Mysterious mitochondria

You may have heard (or not) of mitochondria(粒線體).Now let’s find out how surprisingly important it is to all of us.  Photo source: istock What are

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You Are What You Eat

Have you ever heard of self-healing  (自我療癒)power by controlling what you eat?! Over the years, a lot of scientific data have confirmed the magical

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Living with ADHD

Thirteen-year-old Jodie carried a plate of freshly baked cookies to the kitchen table. Her friends were waiting with a big smile on their faces.

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Yoga for youth

Maybe you have heard of yoga or you’ve practiced it before, yet it’s not simply about stretch pants or stretching your arms and legs. It’s a beautiful way to

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How much is too much?

Hong Kong has a highly competitive(競爭的)academic environment, where parents and students are most likely to be tempted by any methods

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