Around the world by Meow: A journey of rediscovery

On a hot and humid summer day, Meow feels very bored and dull. Meow is a young pilot who has grown passionate about (非常喜歡)flying from a young age. Having the opportunity to become a pilot has put wings on Meow to fly all over the world while taking on new adventures(冒險;歷險).

It has been a while since Meow last flew and she misses her friends aboard.  For many of us, traveling is a luxurious(奢侈的)activity and we might only travel when it’s needed rather than for leisure. During these days when Meow cannot travel, she has been missing the great time she used to have when she’s visiting new places and meeting her friends. She could visit museums and enjoy the amazing scenery when she went to UK. When she went to Japan, she could enjoy the delicious ramen and sushi.  When in Australia, she could try diving and swimming with the fish. Those were all the amazing experiences she could have when she could still travel but now all these seem so long ago.  AHHHHH!

Illustrated by christtinaho

The more Meow thinks of the happy moments of travelling, the more she misses them and the more depressed she feels.  It gets to a point she loses her appetite(胃口)and cannot sleep well some nights. 

It’s time to make some changes!  

Fortunately Meow has a lot of good friends in Hong Kong whom she always talks to.  When she told her best friend TT about her problems, TT reminded her of different ways to fight depression (抑鬱症)- including doing exercise regularly, meditating(冥想), eating properly or doing things you are passionate about. 

AH HA! Meow is also an artist. She loves drawing and painting! During all these times she was upset about not being able to travel, she forgot what else she could do to make herself happy. She quickly ran home to pull out her brushes and colours. Drawing and painting are great ways to express yourself and make yourself feel calm and less worried. Strokes by strokes, Meow began to fill the canvas(油畫布)with beautiful colours. She felt happy and  remembered all the great times she had in the past two years spending good with her parents and being more grounded in Hong Kong to explore all the hiking trails. Over the last two years, Meow has also picked up new cooking skills so she knows how to eat well while staying at home.

There are always two sides to a coin. The pandemic might have given us some hard times but it has also given us something good as well. Tough times never last, but tough people do. Do what you enjoy and have fun while you are feeling blue. If you’re going through depression, it’s best to talk to someone you trust and find ways to relieve your stress. Meow finds drawing as a good remedy(療法)for her, what about yours?

Illustrated by christtinaho


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