What to get your mom for her b-day

I have only just started to give my mom gifts. From personal experience it is more sentimental when you do it yourself. As a kid myself I make my mom a card and make breakfast in bed. After all your mom has done to you. You should probably do something for her. Your dad can help if you need money or ingredients. 

The picture down below is an easy DIY to make for your mom. Or anyone else.

Also you can by a lot of different candies and make a MOM EMERGENCY KIT. This will be filled with your mom’s favorites. It doesn’t have to be candy. You can create this kit with whatever your mom likes for example.
P.s if mom is reading this. Love you!!😆

First Post

This is my first post. To the left of the screen you can see a picture of my dog and I. This website I want to create kid friendly news so kids can see what is happening in the world. Also give tips on writing and reading.

My dog and I