The passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at ninety-six on 8 September in Scotland. She was the monarch(君主;女皇)of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Going back seventy years ago, she assumed the title of Queen after her father’s death. The year was 1952 and she was only twenty-five years old. Since then she had …Read More

Towards sharing economy: Joy of a shared joy

If you look around yourself at the things you have bought at some point in your lives, youwould perhaps notice that not everything you own is being put to good use. The toys that got put away when you bought something new, the clothes that you thought looked trendy but you no longer wear them now, and many other things such as books, shoes, stationery, watches, fashion accessories(時尚裝飾品), electrical appliances – you name it! What is sharing …Read More